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4-5 Seat Jacuzzi Rectangle base

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4-5 Seat Jacuzzi Base

  • 42 Panels - Base Dimensions; 213cms x 183cms
  • Manufactured in the UK from Recycled Plastic,
  • Very Strong; Tested by Lloyds British to 420 Tonnes Per Sqm,
  • Quick & Easy to Install,
  • Permeable; Excess Water Able To Drain Away Naturally,
  • Weather, Water and Rot Resistant,
  • 40mm Depth With An Open Structure,

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| About The Plastic Jacuzzi Base? | Will The Base Work With My Jacuzzi? | How Do I Install The Base? |


About The Plastic Jacuzzi Base

Made of recycled plastic and manufactured in the UK, our eco-friendly bases are designed with an interlocking slot and peg system that makes laying the foundation incredibly easy. Because the base is made from 100% recycled plastic, it is UV and weather resistant, so unlike more traditional bases, ours will not rot or break down over time meaning there will be no maintenance or replacement costs.

Whilst being easy to lay and eco-friendly our bases are still very strong and when tested by Lloyds British they could withstand up to 420 tonnes per square metre. Another advantage of our bases are due to the open structure, any rain or excess water from the spa can drain away naturally and means there is less chance of stagnant water next to your Jacuzzi.

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Will The Base Work With My Jacuzzi?

Yes, our bases are designed to be compatible with every kind of Jacuzzi, Hot Tub or Spa. We pride ourselves on the fact that our base is effective under any type of spa regardless of make or model. This particular size Jacuzzi Base is the perfect foundation for the Jacuzzi J Series; J-325 and J-425. You can view our full range of different size Jacuzzi Bases.

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How Do I Install The Base?

Our bases are simple to install, in short here is how to install them;

1. Identify and outline where the Jacuzzi base will be stood. Then proceed to remove the existing turf or ground to a depth of around 70mm, this ensures the base sits flush with the existing ground when the install is complete.

2. Lay a sheet of membrane in the designated area and secure into the ground using u-pins. This ensures the sheet won't move when the base is laid. The membrane allows water to drain away whilst stopping unwanted weeds from growing through the base and around your Jacuzzi.

3. Lay down a bedding layer of 5mm-20mm angular gravel or crushed aggregate to a depth around 30mm. Once laid, compact well to ensure the layer is level and solid.

4. Starting from a corner, lay the base panels one at a time clipping the panels together as you move out from the corner. This is an incredibly easy procedure.

5. When in place fill the base with suitable pea shingle or angular gravel to complete the solid foundation on which to stand your Jacuzzi. Around 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each panel fully.

For further information and assistance in installing your Hot Tub Base please read our full Install Guide.

To see a number examples of how our customers have used our bases under their Jacuzzi, read all of our Jacuzzi Base Blogs.

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